Grupo de Gramática del Español


The research group on Spanish Grammar (ref. USC GI-1372), with 16 current members, was initially devoted to the study of the Spanish grammar and its theoretical fundaments. It subsequently enlarged its area of interest to the construction of syntactic, morphological and lexical databases, the creation of written and spoken corpora, the development of formal grammars and the design of applications for automatic information extraction and data mining.

From the outset the group has carried out a number of competitive projects and has participated in national and international networks. The experience gained and the results of the research have allowed agreements and contracts with external entities to be signed in order to create open-access linguistic and bibliographical resources of general interest.

Code: GI-1372

Full name: Spanish Grammar

Department: Lengua y literatura españolas, Teoría de la literatura y Lingüística general

Contact: Victoria Vázquez

Tel. [+34] 881 811 813