Testing NLP Tools

(not updated since... 2011?)

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In this page you will find some test scripts and tools, all of them released under the GPL license (version 3).

Morpho-syntactic Analysis for Galician and Portuguese

FreeLing is an open-source suite of language analyzers. Among others,
the stable version of FreeLing analyzes Galician and European Portuguese texts.
If you want to try the development files, you can get them here.

You can also try an adapted (testing) version of FreeLing for Brazilian Portuguese,
that improves the analysis of texts written in Brazilian spelling or with the Acordo Ortográfico.

Silaba - Automatic Syllable Splitter and Stress Marker

Silaba is a syllable splitter and stress marker program. It automatically recognizes the syllables
(and their internal constituents) of a word, and selects the stressed one. Silaba can also performs
a fully automatic phonetic transcription.

There are two versions of this software:

The Galician version can also works as a G2P, but it needs one of the following resources:

This version allows the parsing of homograph words, but it also needs a list of them.

You can find a derived work of Silaba at Phonogal.

Rule-based Nominal Lemmatizer for Galician

This script performs an automatic lemmatization of nominal forms (nouns and adjectives) in Galician (ILG/RAG orthography).

Rule-based Nominal Inflector for Galician

This script performs an automatic inflection of nominal forms in Galician (ILG/RAG orthography).

Up to now, the script only analyses lemmas (of nouns) found in VOLGA.

Masculine: Singular:
Feminine: Plural: